Inflamed acne skin requires a deep cleansing as well as healing treatment. Our Sandalwood Honey Cleanser provides a most ideal combination of organic healing herbs, oils and aromas.

Organic buttermilk powder, natural fatty oats, raw honey, organic yarrow, organic elder flowers, organic marshmallow and green tea, schizandra, Indian gooseberry, organic horsetail, hamamelis, organic white willow bark, organic witch hazel, organic peppermint, organic lavender, custom harvested bee propolis, natural vitamin A,&E, amla berry for natural vitamin C, organic grapefruit seed extract, essential oil of sandalwood.

Wet face and neck, place a small amount of cleanser on skin and massage gently. Re-wet your face to keep lubricated while massaging. You may leave it on for 2-3 minutes as the skin will benefit from absorbing nutrients. Rinse well and towel dry.


For daily soothing, healing and hydrating of the inflamed acne skin, apply this highly effective moisturizer morning and evening.

Raw unfiltered honey, organic witch hazel, organic Echinacea, organic gotu kola, organic comfrey, organic golden seal, organic lavender, organic white willow bark, organic licorice, organic horsebean, organic rosemary, organic oat grass, organic sage, organic turmeric, natural bee propolis, organic essential oil of peppermint, essential oil of sandalwood.

For best results, apply one very small dab on each cheek, spray a little Floral Tonic on entire face and massage everything into skin. Please note: it is important that you proceed exactly as instructed as this will create the right, light consistency and and allow deep penetration, leaving the skin moist without oily film.


To further treat the skin with anti-inflammatory and healing herbs, apply our Healing Herbal Astringent after cleansing the skin. This will assure a successful victory over bacteria and impurities that cause inflammation of the skin.

Hamamelis,organic thyme, organic sage, organic oatgrass, organic golden seal, organic lavender, organic white willow bark, organic gotu kola, organic ladies mantle, organic yarrow, organic white oak bark, organic witch hazel, organic tansy, bee propolis, organic grapefruit seed extract, essential oils of organic bergamot and lavender.

This is a very important step as lack of fluid can cause cells to die, and that is how skin ages and causes break outs. After cleansing, spray Herbal Astringent on face and neck. Pat into skin.


what our customers are saying about Royal Essence® anti-aging products:

“I’ve seen skin wrinkles disappear after one (Anti-Aging) treatment. The elasticity seems to improve in every case and it seems like the collagen comes alive. Circulation improves and skin color becomes healthier. I love the smell, consistency and purity of the products. Most of the comments I receive from my clients are about how it improves the skin, creates a feeling of overall bliss and well-being, and that they will not give this up for anything.”

—Jamie Valentine, Esthetician, Durango, Colorado